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Technology continues to expand its role in virtually every corner of the business world and in that regard, real estate is no different from many other sectors, and the need to keep up with modern technological advances remains a prime concern.

At Immeubles Gloria Inc., we have developed a custom tailored, fully integrated computer network which caters to all of our database needs.  Our system consists of information fields filled with pertinent data relating to every important detail of specific investment properties.  This information is used to generate a variety of detailed reports, such as:

  • accurate value estimates of your property through comparisons to other similar properties;

  • economic analysis that will help us ascertain future values based on forecasted market conditions.

In addition to our extensive database, Immeubles Gloria Inc. also uses the far-reaching technology of the World Wide Web to get our message across.  Our web site allows customers to make detailed inquiries 24 hours a day.  The web site also provides us with an unlimited advertising potential.

Immeubles Gloria Inc. takes great pride in being state of the art in every way, from our technology to our training and level of skills. We are planning for tomorrow today, and we are well on our way to serving your needs with maximum efficiency.

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